Mobile Physiotherapy in Essex Pre Post Surgery

Pre/Post Surgery

Our pre-surgery goal is to ensure that clients are well-conditioned and mentally prepared for the stress that the body will encounter during and after the surgery, giving them the best chance of achieving optimal results. After the surgery, our physiotherapists in Chelmsford will help you regain strength and range of movement in joints, building stamina and enabling a swift return to everyday activities. The type of surgeries that we can help you prepare for include:

  • Various post fractures conditions and complications
  • Hip, knee or shoulder replacement
  • Hip surgery
  • Soft tissue repair such as knee ligament repair
  • Upper and lower abdominal surgery

After the surgery, our team of specialists, guided by surgery protocol, may provide the following home-based physiotherapy treatment:

  • Therapeutic massage to help reduce oedema and mobilise soft tissue
  • Joint mobilisations to restore range of movement in joints
  • Exercise programme, helping your muscles to strengthen with each visit


  • Mobility and balance practice
  • Practice of various daily activities
  • Discuss walking aids

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