Mobile Physiotherapy in Essex Fall prevention


Suffering a fall can often result in fractures, head injury and skin trauma, necessitating hospital visits and impacting one’s mobility for weeks, months, or even years. Chances of falls are increased by neurological or age-related conditions and can significantly hamper quality of life. That is why U Go Mobile Physio provides mobile physiotherapy in Essex to help identify and resolve causes of falls, such as poor lighting, obstacles, weakness, inappropriate footwear, poor eyesight, medication, or infection. Our mobile physiotherapist will visit your home and make an assessment regarding the causes of falls, and this may involve:

  • Medical history and medication
  • Balance and mobility
  • Strength and flexibility
  • Environment

 Once the causes behind falls have been identified, the physiotherapist will work with you to agree on a bespoke treatment plan that allows you to feel comfortable in your home. This could include:

  • Individual exercise plan geared towards aiding balance and strength in your legs
  • Improve safety of the environment
  • Teach safe ways to get up from the floor
  • Restore your confidence by addressing the fear of falling

  •  Improve mobility
  • Guidance over suitable equipment
  • Collaborating with carers and family to help you with exercises between our visits
  • Referring you to your GP or other medical specialists, if needed

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